NOAA Budget Cuts Risking Public Safety?

Lis Cohen reminisces on her curiosity as a child to study weather and  ensure public safety.Lis Cohen reminisces on her curiosity as a child to study weather and ensure public safety.

Ever since Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.49.55 PMLis Cohen was a little girl, she would spend her time laying in the grass gazing up at the clouds while her friends would play on the swings. As most kids did, she would try to make animations out of the inviting clouds. Always eager to learn more about the world and what made the clouds, Cohen became a meteorologists and is currently the Chapter President for the American Meteorological Society here in Boulder. As Cohen grew she became eager to educate and protect the public, along with our environment. The recent proposed budget cuts to NOAA could interfere with what Cohen dedicates her life to, public safety.

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Cutting funds 17% in funds to NOAA would impact the work of Cohen who dedicates her life to the safety of others. She said: “Potentially cutting that (NOAA) funding, eventually harms us. Because the mission of the weather service is to protect lives and property and to help the economics in our country.” NOAA provides research nation wide for weather forecasts. Additionally, they provide warnings and watches for potential catastrophic events to promote public and property safety.

The Trump administration’s budget will not be released until this Thursday, but scientists expect the funding to cut somewhere around 990 million dollars in funding. Kevin Trenberth, a Climate Analysts at NOAA, expressed his wishes for politics and weather to remain separate from one another. Anticipation is high and anxiety rates are on the rise as people await the details of Thursday’s budget plan for NOAA.

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