Privacy Matters: Why you need to take your cybersecurity seriously


The latest Wikileaks report has revealed detailed information about the NSA’s ability to collect your personal data, as well as use spying apparatuses that allows spies to turn your cell phones into remote microphones, activate your laptop’s web camera, and even use Samsung televisions to spy on you.


Most Americans don’t have faith that their private info will remain safe

CU Professor Nathan Schneider says there are ways to encrypt software to avoid hacking, which will protect you from intrusion. He says: “Encryption works. A lot of the tools that they talk about in this latest leak are actually attempts to circumvent encryption and some of them are very tricky,” he said.

Encryption is the process of turning your data into a code, one that is difficult to decipher. The term dates back to Roman times when Julius Caesar protected his personal messages using a system he called “Caesar cipher” where each letter would get replaced by another letter according to a sequence.

One way experts agree can prevent agencies from spying via your webcam is to simply put a piece of tape over it. Experts like Schneider agree that there is no one safe way to protect your personal data, and it’s part of a larger battle. One that everyone needs to be constantly vigilant about and will require numerous software and programs to win.

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