A Vision Zero for Boulder Bikers

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The number of biker commuters is seventeen times higher in Boulder than the national average. Rain or shine, bikers are out an about no matter where their destination may be. Weather is for environmental reason or economical, the vulnerability of bikers sharing the roads with motor vehicles remains.

Unfortunately with vulnerability, comes accidents. 2016 was the worst year that Boulder has seen in terms of pedestrian and bicyclists accidents. With the number of bicyclists constantly on the rise, sharing the roads must become safer.

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In response to this, the city of Boulder joined a national movement called Vision Zero, in hopes of one day seeing the fatality rate for the city at zero. The vision insists that absolutely no crash that result in serious or fatal injury shall be accepted. After the recent 2017 budget was release, project manager David Kemp address some of the steps they would implement towards their vision,” 2016 was the worst year we saw with bike safety, we knew we needed to do something”.

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The city plans to implement more visible bike lanes, green strips in the roads that indicated bike and vehicle sharing territories, as well and more undergrounds passage ways in red flag intersections.  Instead of competing with each other for the road, motor vehicles and bicyclists must educate themselves on sharing it safely to reduce injuries and fatalities. 


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