The Conference on World Affairs and the Trump Effect


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The 69th Conference on World Affairs is taking place on campus at the University of Colorado Boulder through Friday this week. One of the major topics of discussion this year has centered around Trump and the effect he has had on politics worldwide. With Boulder, Colorado being a well-known liberal city, the presidency for Donald Trump has raised a lot of discussion and debate.

Political panel topics ranging from What Does it Mean to Be a Democrat? to The Media Elected Trump but He Still Hates Them.  Local news sources say that the subject of Trump has dominated this year’s Conference on World Affairs.

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With a great diversity of topics, the overarching concept of politics is one that interests students and spreads across a broad range of viewpoints.

“I want to get the conversation going, so we can not just talk about ideas, but actually feel a hint of change coming”, says David Wilcox, a third-time CWA panelist.

David Wilcox in front of CU Boulder

David Wilcox








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