Breaking Feminine Norms in the Outdoor Industry

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The local company Adventure Projects, which designs products for outdoor pursuits, is recently working on breaking the gender norms in the outdoor industry.  The company is working on giving recognition to women who in this field of work through the creation of various web pages. Abigail Wise and Kasandra Cloos, members of Adventure Projects have been the leading project.

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By re-editing and adding new pages to Wikipedia, they are working closely to bring attention to historic and modern women who have had an impact on the outdoor industry. Other organizations like Outdoor Women’s Alliance, She Jumps, and Girls on the Run are also encouraging women with increase their involvement with the outdoors. Students as well are working on increasing awareness as well. CU senior, Anna Porter is currently advocating for women in the outdoor industry. “I think it’s important because a lot of outdoor products and adventure things are marketed towards men, when in reality just as many women are getting outdoors as well,” she says.

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REI recently announced their “Force of Nature” campaign to advance gender equity. The campaign will promote products for outdoors that are not male-dominated. The one million dollar commitment will support non-profits that help make opportunities for women in the outdoors. One of the company’s efforts on this campaign includes to bring people together through 1,000 classes nationwide on subject.


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