Money in Video Games? It’s More Possible Than You Once Thought


DOTA 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2, is a free computer game that is accessible to everyone.  This is one of the largest growing games on the market right now, especially in the competitive scene.

“The International is the big one which is throwing out 20-30 million. And then there are a bunch of smaller ones that are giving out one two to three million dollars, but a lot of money,” said Aidan Wynia, a competitive gamer and student at CU.

DOTA’s main tournament, The International 2016, had a total prize pool last year of $20,770,460.  The winning team took home a whopping $9,139,000.

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Competitive gaming is becoming more common, and it is quickly becoming a lucrative way to make money.  Tournaments are not the only way to make money in this industry however, as players can also live-stream their games on platforms such as and YouTube.  That brings in another revenue stream, as viewers will donate to support their favorite streamers, and if someone brings in enough followers, Twitch will reach out to you for a partnership, and at that point you will also make money in Ad revenue.

Video games used to be looked at as a lazy person’s activity; but now, the number of people playing, and the amount of money it generates, is becoming very real.

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