Feeling the Heat: Job Market Bound

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Graduation season has begun across the country, and it’s expected that nearly 1.9 million students will graduate with a college degree this spring. Although the unemployment rate for college graduates is only 2.5 percent, improving in recent years, finding a job immediately after graduation can be both daunting and difficult.

With bills and loans to pay off, many college graduates become worried when they find themselves with a degree but without a job. According to U.S. News & World Report, approximately 70 percent of college students graduate with student loans. The average 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student debt.

While some soon to be graduates at the CU Boulder already have jobs lined up, many students are still searching for that elusive job.

Jesse Hughes is a journalism student who will be graduating this spring. Although, he started his job hunt back in October, and has applied to over 50 different jobs across the country, he still hasn’t landed a position. Not having a job and with graduation around the corner, this upsets Hughes.

“It is actually very frustrating that I’ve applied to so many different places, and the majority of them haven’t got back to me” says Hughes.

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Jesse Hughes

Even though he still doesn’t have a job, Hughes says he will continue to apply until he finds something. And although his ideal job is to be a producer or photographer, he’s willing to be flexible.

“I would be willing to be a reporter, I’d be willing to be an anchor,” says Hughes, “I’m willing to go with anything and everything.”

Another soon to be journalism graduate Austin Kopnitsky is a student who already landed a job in his dream field- as a meteorologist.

“I am going to be the weekend meteorologist and multimedia journalist during the week at KCAU AT CHANNEL 9 at Sioux City Iowa” says Kopnitsky.

Kopnitsky says he began looking for jobs only a few weeks ago, and recently found out he had got a job after staying in contact with a news station producer he met during one of NewsTeams classes.

Kopnitsky admits that before getting the job in Iowa, he felt an immense amount of pressure to have a job after graduation. He spent countless sleepless nights just thinking about this.

Fortunately, now that Kopnitsky has a job, he feels relieved. His advice to students still looking for jobs is that they shouldn’t get discouraged, and should continue applying to as many jobs as possible.

While breaking into the field of journalism can be competitive and challenging for new graduates, tenacity, perseverance and skill-building may be the right traits needed to succeed.

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