Robots! Art Exhibit Helps to Make Community More Green

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Boulder’s local non-profit, creative re-use art center, Art Parts, is currently hosting it’s newest Robots! Exhibit in its Bricolage Gallery. The robots were made by both students and adults, with ages ranging from 11 to late 60s. The only requirements for these robots were that they had to be made from a minimum of 60 percent reclaimed materials, which Art Parts specializes in.


Denise Perrault, Founder and Executive Director of Art Parts

This January the re-use center received over 1.9 tons in donations, which owner Denise Perrault finds amazing. “We are finally in the 21st century starting to see what we’ve been throwing away, many of it in it’s original containers or new,” Perrault said. This is why every six weeks Art Parts hosts a new exhibit to feature art made from their reusable materials. This not only helps to fuel artists creative sides, but also teaches them the importance of up-cycling (giving something old a new use).Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.12.39 AM

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) over 75 percent of the American waste stream is recyclable, however people only recycle about 30 percent.

So the next time you’re thinking about throwing out those old buttons, pieces of jewelry or scrap metal, consider different ways in which you or other members of the community could use them. Perrault believes that “the found object is the artistic medium of the millennium”. So stop by Art Parts to see the Robots! Exhibit until it ends on May 19th.

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