The Deal With Intramurals


Intercollegiate sports get the spectatorship, institutionalized branding, and the strong culture based on winning and losing. Intramural sports mesh better with a college education and lifestyle. These teams are made up of amateurs who d the sport because they love it and the friendly competition.


Intramural sports may also have an added benefit…as a way to relieve stress, which could in turn help students academically. Beyond physical fitness, teams offer a form of community, an identity on such a large campus and potentially positive character building benefits.


Kirby Brazelton, a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder started his freshmen year playing collegiate soccer. After his first season he came to terms with the difficulties of managing a college sport, his education, and gaining the college experience.

“I have a pretty busy schedule, leaving soccer college freshmen year I wanted to keep playing the sport and with intramural you get to chose your days so it normally works out nicely,” said Brazelton.


Intramural sports are not as rigid and offer more flexibility for players to prioritize a variety of activities in their lives.

From inter-tube water polo to competitive soccer teams, CU Boulder offers a diverse range of intramural opportunities. Whether you’re doing it for the workout, community aspect, character building, making friends, or just an excuse to get to the gym…intramural teams encompass it all.


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