Money and College, The Dangerous Marriage

Spring not only signifies flowers and sunshine, it also marks the end of the college application process, and the start of a new chapter for high school graduates. Once summer ends, over twenty million students will…

Long-haired Chihuahua

Pack Mentality at the Valmont Dog Park

The Valmont Dog Park in Boulder has seen an increase this year in aggressive animal behavior, including dog bites, dog fights and fights between pet owners. Animal Control Supervisor Janeé Boswell believes the recent park…

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Can Adderall Help Ace Finals?

College could be one of the most important and stressful times in a person’s life. It may seem like there are not enough hours in a week for school, extracurricular activities and one’s social life….

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Kickboxing: An Upward Martial Arts Trend

The martial art kickboxing is taking the nation by storm. With summer fast approaching, the number of people practicing high intensity training is increasing. It’s easy for most people to assume that kickboxing correlates with…


Student Debt on the Rise?

In a world where every price is rising, universities are no exception. The University of Colorado, Boulder’s average student spends $49,301 to $52,307 in total fees if they live on campus. These enormous costs can…